Rodrigo Sanchez

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Rodrigo Sanchez
Rodrigo Sánchez is Art and Creative Director of the El Mundo daily newspaper and the Magazines Division of Unidad Editorial (Madrid, Spain). A journalist and a newspaper graphic designer, Rodrigo is, above all, the former. He has always thought that journalism is the essential foundation upon which Mass Media can transmit reality and that art & design are an accessory capable of creating an attractive and unique reality. His work is the masterful convergence of both disciplines: journalism and art.

With a journalist degree by the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Rodrigo is born, lives, dreams and works in Madrid, his hometownfrom which the inspiration surges.

Prior to his arrival to El Mundo newspaper, Rodrigo worked for other national newspapers. He began his career as a graphic designer for the ABC newspaper, from there he moved to the financial newspaper CincoDías, and later to the weekly magazine Cambio 16; he later worked for the financial magazine Mercado. But it wasn’t until his arrival to the now defunct newspaper El Sol in 1990 that he unleashed his creativity under the guidinghand of those he considers his mentors: Eduardo Danilo and Roger Black. In 1992, he was contracted by El Mundo.

This is the moment of Rodrigo Sánchez’s true professional evolution that, as the years go by, will drive him to international acclaim and widespread recognition. As a result, the Metrópoli covers (for example) have been defined as one of the 25 Influential Moments in News Design. Furthermore, Rodrigo is the only graphic designer in the World to have been awarded two years running the SND’s Best of Show award (Society of News Design), considered the design world’s equivalent of the Pulitzer and also has been one of the recipients of the Society for News Design Lifetime Achievement Awards in 2014.

To this we must mention other prizes and awards to his work in different SND, SPD

(Society of Publication Designers) and TDC (Type Directors Club) publications.


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